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February 2019
Remembrance from the great granddaughter of one of the original residents of The Marvin who moved to skilled nursing 10 years ago at the age of 99.

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Dear Mary & Staff

Thanks so much for all your help for my uncle’s memorial celebration – it was a big success!

It was wonderful to meet some of the loving friends and support he has had over the past decade – it truly made me feel he had found “his place” for his remaining years. You have a very special place there at The Marvin and I wish you continued success and support for all you do.

Many thanks for taking such good care of my Uncle and creating a safe and caring environment for him. Please accept this donation in memory of my uncle from our family.

With warm regards...
--Niece of a Resident who Lived at The Marvin for 10 years until his death
June 2014


To Mary and all the Staff of The Marvin

Thank you for everything you did for my grandmother. It was a shock to us all that she passed but she lived a wonderful life of 96 years. She never would have made it this far without the love, friendship and support you all provided her over the years.

She was very fond of you all and loved living there. We would often joke because she chose The Marvin over her own family to spend the holidays with.

While she continued to become dependent as she aged, she was determined to maintain some level of independence. It was a blessing that you were able to give her the right balance of support and privacy.
--“AJ”, Grandson of a resident who lived at The Marvin for 16 years
January 2014


The Marvin was home to my mother, Helen, for 11 years. She entered the Marvin in relatively good health and only needed medication reminders. As the years went by she needed more help with bathing, dressing, meal prep and eventually was checked for safety every two hours. She became more forgetful and confused.

With every new situation The Marvin staff, under the direction of Mary Windt, was extremely helpful. They shared suggestions and offered resources to our family that allowed Helen to remain in her home at The Marvin despite deteriorating health. “Aging in place” is more than a phrase to the staff. It is a commitment they lovingly make to each Marvin resident and they work hard to make it a reality.

The assisted living service at The Marvin is also top notch. The service employs caring health aides who become very close to the residents. During Helen's time at The Marvin, she had minor illnesses, surgery, major health crises as well as her dementia. The Masonicare nurse considers herself to be on 24/7 duty. She provided outstanding medical care to Helen and was always available to our family to discuss medical situations on the phone or in person. Like the staff, her high level of commitment to the residents is exemplary and not found in all senior living situations.

The Marvin is indeed a special place. It is an outstanding model of care for our loved ones. But more than a model it is a place of tremendous professionalism, kindness and love for seniors and their families.
--Mary Ellen R, daughter of resident


The constant care and quality of the staff at the Marvin is amazing. The activities in conjunction with the staff at the Marvin, brought Marjorie from sitting in a chair all day long, to a pretty active senior who always has a smile on her face. Living at the Marvin is what senior living should be. They should be living, not just existing, and the Marvin makes sure they do that. --Helen P, niece of resident


You are very good to us. I love it here -- Marge, a resident


Just a note of thanks for taking such good care of us before, during and after the storm. I felt very secure and safe here at the Marvin. -- Mary B, a resident


Just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do for us and for making The Marvin such a wonderful place for us to work at. --Yolanda, a security guard


Thank you for helping make our food drive a huge success. We are all very fortunate to have members in our community like you who take an active role in helping improve the lives of others. Thanks to your generous donation of over 60 pounds, we were able to collect more than 900 pounds for the Connecticut Food Bank. --Dawn DelGreco, Comfort Keepers


For one of the trips to the Marvin Center in 2nd grade, there was a series of stations set up so that we could learn some of the challenges elderly have. The stations were touching, hearing smelling, and tasting. There as also a station for getting around with a wheelchair, cane and walker. When I had to sit in a wheel chair with a tray of food on it, it was difficult to not drop the tray.When you are elderly, walking isn't the easiest thing to do. You feel like there is a ball between both of your legs. That is exactly what we did. It was hard to walk with the ball between our legs. It was equally hard using a walker. The station with the food had very bad cookies. I think they did not have sugar in them because they tasted so bad. That's how I learned that the elderly have a hard time tasting flavor. The station for smelling had stuff that is supposed to smell good, but somehow they made the object as though it didn't have a smell. Then I learned that elderly sometimes can't smell as good as kids. At the station for hearing, the elderly would whisper or mouth words to us. It was hard to tell what they were saying. I learned a lot on this field trip. Elderly people sometimes need some help. -- a fourth grade student from Marvin Elementary School

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