“Under One Roof is an exceptional organization that tackles two critical issues affecting families today: affordable housing and childcare. What sets us apart is our approach to these challenges. We bring people together, build community, and foster a sense of belonging. By doing so, we create a supportive environment that empowers older adults, children, and families to thrive.”

Katie Fitzmaurice, Executive Director

Affordable. High quality. Under One Roof is an innovative, not-for-profit organization that addresses today’s families’ urgent and complex needs. We enrich the lives of older adults and preschool children by providing core services for living and learning.

The Marvin, a congregate low-income housing facility with supportive services for older adults, shares a single facility with an accredited school readiness and childcare program. Community activities dispel stereotypes and build relationships — educational experiences for all age groups, exercise programs, gardening, holiday activities, and more. Children are exposed to traditions and wisdom. Seniors expand social networks to stay active and connected.

Our Story

We have a history of working for change and expanding our operations quickly and strategically to achieve our mission. Today, our passionate team is putting all hands on deck to make a real difference. Learn more about our mission and vision.

What We Do

Our programs, services, and overall approach have the power to improve lives. Learn more about our approach, how we help and the resources we provide.

Our Impact

For more than 25 years, Under One Roof has provided intergenerational programming, affordable housing, and supportive services to more than 240 older adult residents.

How You Can Help

We’d love to have you as part of our supporter community and work toward our vision of a better world for all. Explore the various ways to get involved and join us.