Understanding Under One Roof, Inc.’s financial health is crucial in appreciating our impact in our community. As a donor and funder, you have a vested interest in our financial performance, and we are committed to maintaining transparency in our financial operations. We believe in accountability and ensure that every dollar is put to work in the most efficient way to support our mission. That is why $0.93 of every dollar donated goes to our programs and services.

Our Financial Commitment

We are dedicated to the responsible management of our resources. Our commitment to financial stewardship ensures that the maximum amount of every dollar received goes directly to our programs, providing affordable housing for older adults and early childhood education for local families.

Income Sources

Our income comes from various sources, including government grants, private donations, and fundraising events. We are grateful for the support we receive from all our funders and partners, which enables us to continue our mission.


Our expenditures are primarily allocated to our core programs – affordable housing for older adults and early childhood education. A smaller portion, less than seven cents of every dollar donated, is used for administrative costs and fundraising activities.

2023 Form 990