Since its establishment in 1993, Under One Roof, Inc. has been steadfast in its commitment to creating a transformative impact on the East Norwalk community. The organization’s journey is marked by its dedication to providing quality affordable housing for older adults and early childhood education for local families. Today, Under One Roof, Inc. is a symbol of community resilience and a national model for innovative intergenerational programming. Here’s a brief overview of our history.

The Beginnings of Under One Roof, Inc.

The organization’s journey began with acquiring a vacant Norwalk elementary school, The Marvin. Under One Roof, Inc. recognized the property’s potential and repurposed the building into a dynamic community center. The revamped space now houses 50 one-bedroom low-income apartments for older adults, a central dining room, two resident lounges, a small library, a laundry facility, and community and art rooms.

Furthering Our Impact

In 1998, Under One Roof, Inc. broadened its scope by constructing The Marvin Children’s Center within the same building. The center began with 36 children and has since expanded to accommodate 40 children. It is managed by Bright Horizons, a nationally recognized childcare provider.

Intergenerational Programming: A Defining Feature

Since 1998, the organization’s intergenerational programming has been a core component of our mission. Under One Roof has created a vibrant and supportive community that benefits all participants by fostering interaction between preschool students and older adult residents. This initiative has grown over the years to include local school children, high school students, and teen organizations.

Recognition and Accolades

Under One Roof’s innovative approach to community development has earned it several awards, including the esteemed MetLife Foundation Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing. The organization was also a national finalist for the Generations United Intergenerational Shared Site Best Practice Awards.

Participate in Our Mission

The journey of Under One Roof, Inc. has been marked by significant milestones, but there is still much more to achieve. With your support, we can continue to enhance the lives of older adults and children in our community. We invite you to contribute to our cause and join our mission to foster a more inclusive and supportive world.