At Under One Roof, Inc., we believe in the power of connection across generations. Our Connecting Generations Program and focus are designed to foster meaningful intergenerational interactions between older adults and children, creating a vibrant, supportive, and enriched community for all.

What are Intergenerational Programs?

Intergenerational Programs are unique initiatives where older adults and young people receive services at the same location, enabling them to interact through regularly scheduled activities and informal encounters. These programs, also known as intergenerational shared sites, are not just about shared space. They’re about shared experiences, shared learning, and shared love. It’s about bridging the gap between generations and nurturing a sense of community and mutual respect.

The Benefits of Our Intergenerational Programs

Our Connecting Generations Program offers a wealth of benefits for both older adults and children:

Enhanced Quality of Life

By interacting with different age groups, both young and old participants experience an enriched quality of life.

Community Services

Our programs provide necessary services to our community, including low-income housing for older adults and affordable early childhood education.

Cost Savings

By sharing resources, we maximize efficiency and save costs.

Positive Attitudes

These programs help improve attitudes about different age groups, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

Benefits for Children

Children participating in our programs gain an enhanced perception of the older adult generation. They benefit from interpersonal relationships with persons from different age groups who can provide guidance, wisdom, and support. Studies have shown that children involved in intergenerational programs have higher personal/social developmental scores than non-intergenerational programs.

Benefits for Older Adults

For older adult residents, sharing activities with younger people promotes positive health gains such as burning more calories, sustaining fewer falls, and reducing reliance on canes. Studies also show that adults with dementia or other cognitive impairments experience more positive affect during interactions with children.

How Can You Support Our Connecting Generations Program?

We rely on the generous support of donors like you to continue offering these valuable programs. Your donation can make a significant difference in the lives of both our older adult residents and young participants, helping us to foster a vibrant, supportive, and enriched community for all.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Thank you for being a part of our mission to unite generations Under One Roof.